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Currently in Production: BirthRight  Born Free | Live Free





When two young college students from the Oakland, California, inner city opened their American History books only to find no one who looked like them or represented their reality, the embers of a fire fueled by decades of injustice, poverty, and harassment once again ignited.  That year, 1966, a new generation of  Americans raised their fists and placed themselves on the front lines of the same battle that has defined this nation since its inception.  


We are one people, but we are not the same.  We share one past but see it through different eyes.  We hold tight to stories of those who sought liberty at any cost even as those narratives get twisted and manipulated.


This is one of those stories. 


Within its record you will find simple Americans who desperately sought to empower their brothers and sisters with resources and the means to change their lives. They fought not only the powers of the day, but the pent-up emotion of generations who came before them to find a better way. From direct confrontation with police power in their communities to the advent of  many of the social programs millions of Americans enjoy today, these men and women struggled to improve their neighborhoods and give voice to millions who had none. 

As our nation once again stands on a precipice of change, let this film challenge us all to see their failings and victories, the insanity of political ideologies, and the power of compassion. Perhaps we might all find that which has always united us in the end—the American heart.


“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”


A nation torn and tattered clings to these words from the Declaration of Independence and the ideals that formed them like a plank of wood in a broiling sea. We tread water, struggle, and fight. It is a battle worth waging that each generation must carry as their own. 


This is the story of how one generation chose to answer that call told in their own words, to their glory and their shame. It's the same story that each generation of Americans has told to those who would come behind them. The story of love and loss, of riot and peace, of intolerance and change.


This is the real story of The Black Panther Party as you've never heard it before.


In the fury of battle, ideology and good intentions meet the harsh reality of survival and politics. Young lives are cut short by the edge of a bayonet or the pull of a trigger, and the aftermath is filled with the broken hearts of those who loved them. Such was the case for Victor “Doc” Westphall and his wife, Jeanne, when they were told by the Marine Corps that their son, Lt. David Westphall, had died in an ambush at Con Thien in Quang Tri Province, South Vietnam. The crushing news left them with an unavoidable question that haunts millions who have lost loved ones in the tragedy of War: “What do we do now?”

For Doc and Jeanne, their response was to honor the only thing that is worthy of honor in fatal conflict—the sons and daughters, mothers and fathers who fought and bled when their country called. Their response became a battle of its own. Through financial struggles, political controversy, and a broken spirit, they succeeded in building a place to heal the brokenhearted and honor their boy. This is the story of the Peace and Brotherhood Chapel in Angel Fire, New Mexico, which has become a place revered by veterans and their families from both sides of the conflict. And which now stands as a beacon calling all wounded hearts to heal and giving honor to them all.


"We Thirst In India" Video On Demand


Ever wonder what it takes to provide Safe, Clean Drinking Water to an impoverished village in India? Just $2,500. That's the price to change a life, to save a life, to impact a village. Join us as we travel with Mike, founder of "Wells For Life" as he talks about the process of bringing fresh, clean water to the most impoverished villages throughout India. From an initial calling to preach, to a calling to provide, Mike not having any background in drilling, completed his first water project in less than a year. Nineteen years later and over 900 remote villages receiving clean water from Wells For Life, the organization is a remarkable one and continues to meet the needs of thousands.

We Thirst In India_11X14 SCREENING POSTE

Documentary Films In Production

We are currently in production on our 5th feature length film, known as BirthRight BornFree |Live Free.  Film is on schedule to be released early 2024.

Our Black Panther Film is currently waiting for distribution.  More details to come regarding a release date for that film.  Just wrapped "A Five and Dime Story", about the iconic Five and Dime General Store.  Will post the trailer soon.

Looking For Production Support?

If you are looking to make a documentary and are seeking production support, reach out to us and we can further discuss your project.

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