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Digital Film & Post Production

Luminance Pictures lives, breathes, and dreams production. We are a full-service digital film & post production studio and want the privilege of taking your idea from the beginning stages of pre-production on through to post. We are here to serve you and to promote your project in a visually stimulating and effective manner. Whatever you are looking for-Web content, TV spots or pilots, Feature or Short Films, EPK's, PSA's, Music Videos, Business Marketing and Training, or Documentaries Luminance Pictures is your one-stop creative shop. We can begin work with you at any stage. Whether you just need filming, editing, graphic motion or the entire production from start to finish, we pick up where you left off.  


Here's a taste of what we can do for you.

-Filming with the latest HD, 4K-8K Acquisition tools  

-Uncompressed, HD, 4K-8K Editing 

-Visual Effects

-2D & 3D Motion Design

-Film Production Service Company

-Pre-Production Services

-Script Developement

- Blu-ray Authoring

-Narration and other Voice Recordings

-Location Scouting

-Crew & Talent

-Royalty Free Music & Sound FX Library

-Deliverables to Blu-ray & multiple streaming  formats for on-line distrbution

We handle it all so you don't have to.

Film Production Service Company

Luminance Pictures can crew any sized production for you.  If you are filming from out of state and need a company who can get you the best crew, secure the best locations and work with our tax incentive program, we can

do that for you.  Luminance recently crewed for A&E's "Blue Book", facilitated production for Fox's "The Cleaning Lady" as well as a few documentary features who filmed around the state of New Mexico.  

Luminance has secured all crew, production offices and sound stage locations for productions of all sizes. Let us do the work for you and help your production to take advantage of all the wonderful tax incentives this state has to offer. 

-Film Production Service Company

-Pre-Production Services

-Location Scouting

-Crew & Talent

-Helping with the states tax incentive program

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